Rounded Corners acoustic louver

Acoustic Louvers

Vibro-Acoustics’ Acoustic Louvers are used to reduce mechanical equipment noise transmitted through building openings or from openings in acoustic enclosures or barrier walls. Our Acoustic Louvers are available in galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction with various surface finishes in order to meet project architectural requirements. We test them according to ASTM E90 for transmission loss and AMCA Standard 500-L for pressure drop, and we can supply them with bird screen and media protection of woven fiberglass cloth or film liner. As with all noise control products, acoustic and aerodynamic performance varies with the design, and the sizing of the louvers is important to minimize concerns of pressure drop and water ingress. Vibro-Acoustics’ application engineering service can help ensure our Acoustic Louvers are properly selected to meet project specific requirements.

Typical applications are silencing for outside air intake or exhaust air openings, ventilation openings in acoustical enclosures and acoustical barriers around cooling towers, air-cooled chillers and other outdoor equipment.


Specifications | Silencer Sheet | Operation & Maintenance Guidelines

Project Solutions: Goderich Ventilation Shaft, York Administration Center

Flat Blade Acoustic Louvers

Flat Blade Acoustic Louvers (up to 18” in depth) deliver an economical means of providing attenuation to low velocity air inlet or outlet openings, while minimizing a line of sight through the opening.

Airfoil Blade Acoustic Louvers

Airfoil Blade Acoustic Louvers (up to 24” in depth)—the louver design with least air resistance—provide attenuation to openings or enclosures for pressure drop sensitive applications.

V-Blade Acoustic Louvers

V Blade Acoustic Louvers (up to 24” in depth) provide significant broadband attenuation to low velocity openings while minimizing a line of sight through the opening.