Each configuration can be further enhanced or modified to meet project-specific requirements for acoustical and aerodynamic performance.

Laboratory Exhaust Stack Silencer

Laboratory exhaust stack silencers are designed to handle corrosive environments and structural considerations such as wind loading, all with an architecturally suitable appearance.


Cross-Talk Silencers

Designated as “CT” for Cross-Talk silencers, this product line is designed to enhance speech privacy between rooms and comes in various configurations.

CT Brochure
CT Silencer Sheet
Project: Green Timbers School

Short Silencers

Short Rectangular Silencers (“SRD”) silencers are straight rectangular dissipative silencers commonly used where less than 3’ of space is available, e.g., behind louvers.

SRD Silencer Sheet


Silencers with “external casings” (designated with “EX” before the model name) provide greater low frequency absorption and lower pressure losses than other standard silencer models.

EX Silencer Sheet
Project: Camden Amphitheater
Project: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center


Used to protect wall openings, Grille Dissipative silencers (“GD”) are built to match wall thicknesses and ventilation requirements.

Special Constructions

We also offer a number of options applied to standard silencer types that provide enhanced functionality or ease of installation and maintenance, including High Transmission Loss (HTL) casings, removable splitters, integrated flow measurement and more.