Rounded Corners moldblock

MoldBlock Media Silencers

Traditional dissipative silencers have historically included fiberglass or mineral wool insulation as the acoustical media fill used to pack the internal sound attenuating chambers and baffles. In response to air quality and environmentally-conscious design concerns, Vibro-Acoustics offers MoldBlock MediaTM silencers which use a cotton-fiber based media formed from post-industrial reclaimed cotton fibers and treated throughout with a borate solution. This treatment not only provides the necessary flame- and smoke-spread ratings but also inhibits the growth of mold, a significant concern in many interior environments. As with the Dissipative Silencer family, the fibrous media which is held in and protected by perforated metal baffles and chambers absorb sound waves.

Typical applications include noise control for humid environments as well as commercial, educational, institutional, office, performing arts, religious and residential building types.



MoldBlock Rectangular

Designated as “RMB” for Rectangular MoldBlock MediaTM silencers, this product line is designed to match straight rectangular ductwork connections and casing geometry.

MoldBlock Circular

Circular MoldBlock MediaTM silencers are labeled “CMB” and are typically used with circular duct systems or inline axial fans.

MoldBlock Elbow

When project space limitations cannot accommodate straight silencers, Rectangular Elbow MoldBlock Media (“REMB”) silencers can be used to both reduce noise and control pressure losses.

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MoldBlock Transitional

To save space and reduce project cost, any silencer can be designed to have different connections and casing geometry to match project requirements.

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MoldBlock Any shape & size

Vibro-Acoustics can provide duct silencers to match project requirements for space and configuration limitations – virtually any size or shape is possible.

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