Rounded Corners Industrial Silencer

Industrial Silencers

Vibro-Acoustics’ industrial silencers are used in manufacturing and processing facilities to reduce fan inlet and discharge noise to acceptable occupied space and environmental noise levels. These silencers are required to be more robust to withstand higher operating velocities, internal pressures and temperatures as well as imposed loading from snow, wind and ancillary pieces of equipment. Industrial silencers are often required to be mounted directly to fan inlets or outlets. As a result, silencer internal configurations are extremely important in order to prevent disturbance of the fan flow profile, which will result in increased pressure drop, noise levels and power consumption. Vibro-Acoustics will work to gather all the necessary information in order to carefully select and design industrial silencers to ensure all of these stringent criteria are met.

Typical applications are inlet and outlet silencers for centrifugal process fans, boiler exhaust stack silencers, mine shaft ventilation silencers, tunnel ventilation silencers, jet fan silencers, gas turbine silencers, and cogeneration facilities – any installation where fans are used to move air and a noise criteria must be met.



Axial Fan Silencers

Axial Fan Silencers by Vibro-Acoustics have a conical design which provides reduced horsepower requirements and energy savings when aerodynamically matched to the fan inlet or outlet.

Centrifugal Fan Silencers

Centrifugal Fan Silencers must be carefully matched to the fan inlet or outlet air profile to provide the most economical fan noise control with the lowest additional static pressure requirements.

Industrial Stack Silencers

Vibro-Acoustics’ Stack Silencers are designed to withstand the most corrosive environments while resisting wind, seismic and imposed loading from other equipment.