Rounded Corners Axial Fan Silencer

Axial Fan Silencers

Axial fan silencers are used in a great variety of systems in both industrial and commercial applications. They are specifically designed to complement the airflow profile of axial fans. Acoustical elements are aerodynamically matched to key fan parameters in order to minimize system effects and maximize energy savings. Axial fan silencers are available to fit all fan sizes, with materials of construction suitable to the system type, fan size and typically higher velocities of these fan types. Available options include dissipative media filled, media filled with film liner, and No-Media designs. Vibro-Acoustics’ application engineering service can help apply the axial fan silencer required to meet project noise control requirements.

Typical applications are on the inlet or outlet of axial fans in return air, exhaust air, and smoke exhaust installations, air handling units, tunnel ventilation installations, and air recirculation systems.

Axial Cone Silencer

Axial Fan Silencers by Vibro-Acoustics have a conical design which provides reduced horsepower requirements and energy savings when aerodynamically matched to the fan inlet or outlet.

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Dissipative Silencers

Alternate dissipative silencer designs are sometimes required to provide greater broadband noise control than can be gained with axial silencers alone.

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