Rounded Corners Stack Silencer

Industrial Stack Silencers

Vibro-Acoustics offers a wide range of silencer designs and configurations to suit the unique environment and fan system needs found in industrial stack applications. Stack silencers are designed to meet the requirements of new or retrofit installations. Industrial applications often involve one or more issues such as high velocity, elevated temperature, particulate matter, or structural loading concerns. Available designs include dissipative media filled with a variety of media protection options, tuned No-Media, plug resistant, and cleanable options. Vibro-Acoustics’ application engineering personnel will work to gather the information required to ensure proper acoustic model selection, material selection, silencer construction to meet the requirements of the installation.

Typical stack silencer applications are for steel mills, waste water treatment facilities, power generation, and manufacturing facilities in order to meet community noise requirements. See also laboratory exhaust stacks.


Stack Silencer Sheet

Project Solutions: Steel Mill Stack, Manufacturing Plants, Roof-top Ventilation System, Armstrong Manufacturing Plant, William Davis Computer Center

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