Rounded Corners Panels

Plenums, Enclosures & Barriers

Vibro-Acoustics’ acoustical panel systems are widely used in many different applications. Woven fiberglass cloth or film liners are available to help protect against erosion and moisture. The outer skin and liner can be constructed from a variety of materials in order to meet project specific corrosion resistance requirements. Available solutions include No-Media, solid inner liner and high transmission loss panels in a wide range of thicknesses with access doors, windows and factory-supplied openings which will not compromise the performance of the system. Vibro-Acoustics also designs and supplies structural support to meet project requirements for internal pressures, maintenance loads, snow loading, wind and seismic forces.

Typical applications for acoustical panels include enclosures around noisy equipment, quiet rooms inside noisy facilities, separation walls between mechanical spaces, air intake and exhaust plenums, return fan plenums and barrier walls around outdoor equipment such as air cooled chillers, cooling towers and rooftop air handling units.


Vibro-Acoustics’ plenums are used to provide low frequency attenuation.


Vibro-Acoustics’ enclosures are used to surround mechanical equipment and reduce radiated noise.



Our barriers are placed between a noise source and a sensitive receptor in order to increase the length of path the noise must take.


Vibro-Acoustics’ line of absorption panels can be applied to a space to reduce reflective sound energy.