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Restraint Systems

Seismic events can induce damage from a building’s non-structural components, rendering the building unusable and leading to liquidated damages and even life safety issues. Because the design and installation communities may be inexperienced in this area, they are assuming an unnecessarily high degree of risk and liability. Our expertise, however, can help them navigate their legal obligations. In fact, we deliver an education program that makes them aware of their responsibilities and provides them with time-saving methodologies.

Our building code experts help dissolve risk for the consulting engineer by helping them, for example, write better specifications and by providing restraint design calculations and PE / P.Eng. stamping of designs. We further facilitate trade coordination and site inspections to improve the efficiency of the process and limit the contractor’s risk. We also provide a single sign-off letter for the entire building – reducing risk and decreasing time-to-occupancy for the owner.


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