Rounded Corners
Rounded Corners

Lay-in Service

The Vibro-Acoustics Lay-in Service provides consultants with free application and selection assistance for Noise Control and Vibration Isolation products. On average, consultants who work with one of our 20+ application engineering specialists save 16 hours of design time per project. With over 50 years of experience, Vibro-Acoustics’ application engineering team utilizes the Integrated Systems Approach to provide a project-specific solution based on the actual requirements of the project. Consulting engineers who take advantage of our Lay-in Service greatly reduce their project risk of experiencing a noise problem, thanks to our one-of-a-kind End Result Guarantee.


  • Meet tight design deadlines and increase profitability by spending less time per project design 
  • Minimize your project risk
  • Discover added value to the project – space, cost, energy and IAQ

What we do:

  • Perform a complete system analysis – Vibro-Acoustics will analyze acoustics, aerodynamics, vibration, seismic/wind requirements and project-specific limitations (cost, space, IAQ requirements, etc.)
  • Select the appropriate solution –  Based on the specific system requirements, Vibro-Acoustics will select the best possible solution for the project. 
  • Recommend product locations – The location of the product is often as important as the product itself. Vibro-Acoustics will specify exact product locations.
  • Solution Evaluation – Based on the system analysis and the project limitations, Vibro-Acoustics’ Application Engineering team will provide an evaluation and, if needed, other recommendations on how to meet the desired design criteria.



Put us to the test with your unique situation.  

We'll work with you from the cocktail napkin to the ultimate solution. All we need are:

  1. Equipment Sound Power Levels (e.g. AHUs, fans, VAV boxes, etc.)
  2. Drawings or sketches of system layout (BIM and CAD drawings welcome)
  3. Desired sound criteria for occupied spaces.
  4. For Seismic Projects: The Seismic Design Category (page1 of the structural drawings) and the Component Importance Factors (Ip) for the HVAC equipment (USA only).