Noise control is important.

Noise generated from both indoor and outdoor equipment may result in complaints from nearby occupants. Most municipal authorities have noise property line by-laws which restrict sound levels. Any property line infractions can cost building owners fines, put engineers or acoustical consultants at risk, or in extreme cases, cause facility closures.

Common noise culprits:

  • Air cooled chillers
  • Roof top units
  • Stacks
  • Diesel generators
  • Fan exhausts
  • Cooling towers

Common noise sensitive sectors:

  • Any building that requires emergency power systems and therefore have generators (i.e., hospitals, schools, community buildings, etc.)
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Data centers
  • Buildings in populous areas that have rooftop units

Commonly missed noise considerations:

  • Neighboring buildings height (not just distance)
  • Aerodynamics and energy impact
  • IEQ impact
  • Budget and/or investment impact
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Noisy buildings have an adverse impact on the productivity and well-being of occupants, greatly impacting the quality and investment of the building.

To design and build great buildings, consider how noise control can impact the environment, the system and IEQ including Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and energy consumption.

How Vibro-Acoustics can help you.

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Pre-Construction: Mitigating risk at design

Our application engineering team will provide noise risk analysis (if needed) and assess the appropriate noise control required.

  • Complimentary service
  • Eliminate your noise risk
  • Optimal solution for project specific needs
  • Guaranteed solution will work as designed, in built environment

Post-Construction: Eliminating existing noise problem

Our field and application engineering team will review the noise problem and advise on the appropriate noise control measures required to eliminate noise and complaints.

  • Complimentary service
  • Eliminate your noise risk
  • Optimal solution for project specific needs
  • Guaranteed solution will work as designed, in built environment
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Some of our added capabilities include

  • Noise risk assessments
  • Equipment packaged solutions without nullifying manufacturer’s warranty
  • Match required architectural finishes
  • Construction capabilities to address break-out and break-in noise
  • Custom design available to fit the duct or limited space issues

We are your partner.

We are an extension to your team. With our vast rep network in North America, we will work with you.

Building Owners

Protect your investment, we will consider your needs. Save in operating costs, meet budget, increase property value, and work within limited real estate space with optimal noise control solutions.


Plan a building and reduce unusable space. We can also help you eliminate speech privacy concerns, increase floor space and create aesthetically, yet functional, noise control solutions.

Acoustical Consultants

Provide a practical solution with minimal impact on the HVAC system. We will work off your noise analyses and project requirements to provide solutions that meet the sound criteria.


Eliminate risk to you and the firm. We will work within project limitations, provide the optimal solution and guarantee that it will work in the built environment.


We will design noise control solutions that work with your product so that your customers have a single-source provider with an easy-to-install solution.


Work within budget and save time with easy-to-install solutions. We will work with you on creating a solution that is practical to install, eliminates your noise risk and fits the actual job environment.

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