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Our new engineering application for noise prediction and noise control product selection.

ASHRAE Algorithms

V-A Design leverages the most current industry established standards, including the newest ASHRAE RP-1408 algorithms for acoustically lined sheet metal ducts.

Silencer Product Selection

Configure and select from an expanded range of Vibro-Acoustics silencer products to solve complex noise control challenges.

Reporting Module

Use V-A Design’s Reporting Module to efficiently and consistently create calculation reports and silencer schedules.

Application Highlights

  1. Library user defined sound sources and architectural elements
  2. Duct element sound attenuation through air distribution systems
  3. Generated noise from air turbulence at branch takeoffs and bends
  4. Duct breakout noise through ceiling systems
  5. Indoor room and outdoor receiver corrections
  6. Noise control product selections based on criteria (e.g. NC, dBA)
  7. Silencer pressure drop with system effects
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