As an extension to your design team, we will work on your project’s unique needs to assess and address noise problems using an integrated systems approach.


Definition: The integrated systems approach is a design methodology that minimizes noise problems at the design stage. The entire system is considered, including how each component (fans, duct, silencers, etc.) interacts with the other. In the analysis of the system, both airborne and structure-borne noise are considered, as well as project-specific requirements such as space, energy (pressure drop with system effects), project cost and time, and IAQ. This enables the user of the Integrated Systems Approach to engineer a solution that not only solves the noise problem but also addresses the specific requirements of the project.

Project variables we consider include:

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Noise Criteria: Acoustical Consultant or Engineer specifications, municipal by-laws and/or ASHRAE standards

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The System: Minimizing pressure drop with system effects.


The Environments: Indoor and outdoor noise including Indoor Air Quality impact.


Noise Paths: All noise paths including break-in and break-out noise.

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Architectural Constraints: Small spaces, mechanical rooms over occupied spaces, exposed ceilings, and aesthetics.


The Construction: Materials for special requirements and manufactured for easy installation.

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The Investment: Minimizing unusable (unleasable) space and operating costs. Working within a set budget and timelines.

How does the Lay-In Service work?

We are committed to great buildings. We will start within 24 hours of receipt of complete information. A full Lay-in will be produced within two to three working days (depending on the size and complexity of the job). A noise control solution based on our lay in eliminates noise-related risk to your project. Along with this service, we provide an End Result Guarantee.

We will work with you and your team

Vibro-Acoustics Lay-in Service is a three-step process that provides a guaranteed end result.

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Noise Risk Assessment

Determine the level of risk for noise problems with a complete HVAC system analysis of the acoustics and aerodynamics of the project.
Unsure if your project is at risk for noise? We will provide a Noise Risk Assessment report that will show how much noise control, if needed, is required, to meet the sound criteria.

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Engineer the Best Solution

Based on project system needs and unique requirements, we will select or engineer the best solution.

What do you get:

  • A project-specific, optimized solution
  • Complete schedule + specification (We detail the acoustic performance, installed pressure drop at system design velocity and special construction requirements.)
  • 3D renderings.
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Ensure Proper Location

Because the location is critical to ensure performance, we will specify where the solution should be on your drawings.


We Stand by Our Solutions

Absorb no risk with the End Result Guarantee. When properly implemented, we guarantee that our designed solution will work in the built environment. If you need assurance that your project will not have an HVAC noise related issue, our Lay-In Service will provide that to you.

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