Noise Control

The application of the product is more important than the product itself. We guarantee the end result.

Our Approach

At Vibro-Acoustics, we look at the specific requirements and design criteria of your project. We take into account all noise paths and possible vibration sources, location of occupied spaces, possible receivers, material selection, space restrictions, IAQ concerns, pressure drop limitations and, of course, total cost.


Proper noise and vibration control can speed patient recovery and prevent poor working conditions for healthcare workers.

Baystate Medical Center
Ajax-Pickering Hospital
Bruce Peninsula Health Care


Commercial buildings with HVAC noise and vibration control are more productive work environments and earn a higher resale value for the owner.

Waterpark Office Building
Metropolitan Life Building
CBC Headquarters


For schools, colleges and universities, noise and vibration control help create an environment more conducive to learning and prevent speech intelligibility issues.

Queen's University Library
Green Timbers School


HVAC Silencers

Vibro-Acoustics’ HVAC silencers are used in commercial, institutional and residential buildings to reduce equipment noise.


Vibro-Acoustics' curbs are used to provide an elevated perimeter support for mounting air handling units or fans.


Industrial Silencers

Vibro-Acoustics’ industrial silencers are used in manufacturing and processing facilities to reduce fan inlet & discharge noise

Plenums, Enclosures & Barriers

Vibro-Acoustics’ acoustical panel systems are widely used in many different applications.


Floating Floors

Vibro-Acoustics’ floating floors reduce the need for massive building construction by providing sound transmission loss.

Acoustic Louvers

Vibro-Acoustics’ acoustic louvers are used to reduce mechanical equipment noise transmitted through openings.