V-A Select Software


V-A Select Release 5.1 new features include a greater range of standard length options and a simplified selection procedure.

V-A Select has been continuously developed as the premier HVAC noise control software for use by HVAC designers and acoustical consultants to enable user-friendly acoustical analysis of HVAC duct systems. It provides cost-effective silencer selections to meet project requirements.

V-A Select continues to:

  • Perform a fan/duct system acoustical analysis to estimate the resultant noise level in an occupied space. The resultant noise level can then be compared to a desired sound criterion.
  • Select a silencer to assure a fan/duct system meets a desired sound criterion without exceeding a maximum allowable pressure drop, including system effects.
  • Select a silencer to achieve specific insertion loss and pressure drop requirements.
  • Perform preliminary silencer selections in advance of further acoustical and aerodynamic analysis.
  • Once a system is analyzed and specified, you can: 
    • save, modify and print the duct system acoustical analysis and silencer schedules.
    • modify, print and transfer the Vibro-Acoustics' Guideline Silencer Specification to your master specifications


Release 5.1 added features include:

  • Standard length options for rectangular silencers in 6" increments.
  • Pressure drop maximum set to 0.25" WG if inlet and outlet conditions are not known, to help minimize potential installed pressure drop problems.


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