Rounded Corners Noise Control Curb


Vibro-Acoustics' curbs are used to provide an elevated perimeter support for mounting air handling units or fans. A curb must be properly designed and attached to the building structure and to the equipment mounted on it in order to resist wind and seismic forces. Our roof curbs can serve as much more than simply a support for equipment—they can incorporate duct and piping runs, ancillary equipment such as coils and filters, and noise control elements. Vibro-Acoustics offers curbs in non-isolated and vibration isolated designs as well as spring isolation rails to be installed between a standard roof curb and the equipment to be isolated. The size, configuration, height and static deflection of the isolator elements can be matched to the equipment and the application

Typical applications include rooftop air handling units, curb mounted exhaust fans and mechanical penthouse assemblies.

Noise Control Curb Solution (NCC-VCR)

Vibro-Acoustics' Noise Control Curb Solutions are used for RTU installations over occupied spaces.

Isolated Curbs (VCR)

Vibro-Acoustics' model VCR curbs are used to support equipment that requires vibration isolation.


Standard Curbs

Vibro-Acoustics' model RC curbs are used to support equipment that does not require vibration isolation.