Noise Control Curb Solution (NCC-VCR)



Noise Control Curb Solution (NCC-VCR)

Addressing noise and vibration issues caused by rooftop units (RTUs) can be challenging. To target all potential noise problems, the complexity of the system must be considered.

Vibro-Acoustics provides free application engineering (Lay-in) services to analyze the project -specific RTU system design. We then optimize the noise and vibration control solution to ensure all sources and paths are dealt with and the project’s sound criteria are achieved.

Vibro-Acoustics’ VCR noise control curb system is usually integral to the solution. It enables the consulting engineer to reap the full benefits of locating RTUs over occupied spaces without the number one drawback of a noise problem. According to the project’s needs, a number of customizable solutions are integrated into the curb. These are not simply standard options. This provides the engineer a single, amalgamated solution to address multiple areas of concern with single-source responsibility.




IN ADDITION to the main components, Vibro-Acoustics’ VCR noise control curb can provide you with the flexibility to include subcomponents of the HVAC system, such as pipe chases, filter banks, and coils within the roof curb itself – valuable benefits when ceiling space is limited.

End Result Guarantee*

INCLUDED with our RTU system solution, Vibro-Acoustics will guarantee that the sound criteria in the occupied space and property line will be met. This guarantee is unique in the industry because it is not simply a performance guarantee that the product works in an ideal test facility, but assurance to the consulting engineer that their risk has been minimized.

*Note: End-result guarantee and pressure drop guarantee are based on information provided.

Pressure Drop Guarantee

AT VIBRO-ACOUSTICS, we pride ourselves in being highly experienced in HVAC noise control and HVAC aerodynamics. With every noise control solution we work on at the design stage, we provide a pressure drop guarantee. This guarantee, which includes aerodynamic system effects, provides a level of comfort for design engineers, who can be confident in a noise control solution that doesn’t create pressure drop problems.


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