The Integrated Systems Approach

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The Integrated Systems Approach is a design methodology that minimizes noise and vibration problems at the design stage. The entire HVAC system is considered including how each component (fans, duct, silencers, etc) interacts with the other. In the analysis of the system, both airborne and structure-borne noise are taken into account, as well as project specific requirements such as pressure drop, space, project cost, and IAQ. This enables the user of the Integrated Systems Approach to engineer a solution that not only solves the noise problem but addresses the specific requirements of the project. 

Energy energy


No added pressure drop -Silencers do not have to add pressure drop to your system (compared to a piece of duct). Flow shaping silencers, selected using the Integrated Systems Approach, enable designers to minimize system effects and reduce the static required compared to conventional selection techniques.

Space Space


Space is often a scarce resource in a building. Fit-the-system solutions allow designers to address noise & vibration problems with solutions that take up the smallest possible space.

Cost Cost


Noise & vibration solutions that increase HVAC design options for consultants and reduce labor and materials for contractors can significantly lower total project cost and installed cost. The Integrated Systems Approach helps by enabling closer positioning of AHUs, RTUs, and fans, louder equipment, and a reduction in ductwork and fittings.



Depending on the project, Indoor Air Quality can be critical. Selecting the correct noise control solution to minimize IAQ issues becomes crucial. A proper analysis of your system can help us select one of many silencer types (including No-MediaMoldBlock) that help reduce IAQ problems.