Class 1 category assembly with a Flame-Spread index of 0 and a Smoke Development of 15 when tested in accordance to ASTM E84, exceeding the NFPA 90A maximum requirements.

VibarTM Film
Duct Silencer Installation Guidelines
Operation and Maintenance Guidelines
Silencer Warranty


Film-Lined Rectangular

Designated as “RFL” for Rectangular Film-Lined, this product line is designed to match straight rectangular ductwork connections and casing geometry.

RFL Silencer Sheet
RFL Data – Ultra-Low Velocity
RFL Data – Low Velocity
RFL Data – Medium Velocity
RFL Data – High Velocity


Film-Lined Circular

Circular Film-Lined silencers are labeled “CFL” and are typically used with circular duct systems or inline axial fans.

CFL Silencer Sheet
CFL Data – Low Velocity
CFL Data – Medium Velocity
CFL Data – High Velocity
CFL Data – Ultra-High Velocity


Film-Lined Elbow

When project space limitations cannot accommodate straight silencers, Rectangular Elbow Film-Lined (“REFL”) silencers can be used to both reduce noise and control pressure losses.

REFL Silencer Sheet 
Centerline Definition


Film-Lined Transitional

To save space and reduce project cost, any silencer can be designed to have different connections and casing geometry to match project requirements.

TFL Silencer Sheet


Film-Lined Any Shape & Size

Vibro-Acoustics can provide duct silencers to match project requirements for space and configuration limitations – virtually any size or shape is possible.


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