Vibro-Acoustics’ most efficient and economical designs of broadband airborne noise control for mechanical systems.


Dissipative Rectangular

Designated as “RD” for Rectangular Dissipative, this product line is designed to match straight rectangular ductwork connections and casing geometry.

RD Silencer Sheet
RD Data – Ultra-Low Velocity
RD Data – Low Velocity
RD Data – Medium Velocity
RD Data – High Velocity


Dissipative Circular

Circular Dissipative silencers are labeled “CD” and are typically used with circular duct systems or inline axial fans.

CD Silencer Sheet
CD Data – Low Velocity
CD Data – Medium Velocity
CD Data – High Velocity
CD Data – Ultra-High Velocity


Dissipative Elbow

When project space limitations cannot accommodate straight silencers, Rectangular Elbow Dissipative (“RED”) silencers can be used to both reduce noise and control pressure losses.

RED Silencer Sheet
Centerline Definition


Dissipative Transitional

To save space and reduce project cost, any silencer can be designed to have different connections and casing geometry to match project requirements.

TD Silencer Sheet


Dissipative Axial Cone

Axial Fan Silencers by Vibro-Acoustics have a conical design which provides reduced horsepower requirements and energy savings when aerodynamically matched to the fan inlet or outlet.

AC-D Silencer Sheet
AC-D Data


Dissipative Any Shape & Size

Vibro-Acoustics can provide duct silencers to match project requirements for space and configuration limitations – virtually any size or shape is possible.

EX-RD/EX-RED Silencer Sheet
RLP-D Silencer Sheet
CLP-D Silencer Sheet


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