Designed to provide absolute protection against any concerns related to the existence of fibrous media in duct systems.

Duct Silencer Installation Guidelines
Operation and Maintenance Guidelines
Silencer Warranty


Reactive Rectangular

Designated as “RNM” for Rectangular No-Media, this product line is designed to match straight rectangular ductwork connections and casing geometry.

RNM Silencer Sheet
RNM Data – Ultra-Low Velocity
RNM Data – Low Velocity
RNM Data – Medium Velocity
RNM Data – High Velocity


Reactive Circular

Circular No-Media silencers are labeled “CNM” and are typically used with circular duct systems or inline axial fans.

CNM Silencer Sheet
CNM Data – Low Velocity
CNM Data – Medium Velocity
CNM Data – High Velocity
CNM Data – Ultra-High Velocity


Reactive Elbow

When project space limitations cannot accommodate straight silencers, Rectangular (“RENM”) or Circular Elbow No-Media (“CENM”) silencers can be used to both attenuate noise and control pressure losses.

RENM Silencer Sheet
CENM Silencer Sheet
CENM Data – Low Velocity
CENM Data – Medium Velocity
CENM Data – High Velocity
Centerline Definition


Reactive Transitional

To save space and reduce project cost, any silencer can be designed to have different connections and casing geometry to match project requirements.

TNM Silencer Sheet


Reactive Any Shape & Size

Vibro-Acoustics can provide duct silencers to match project requirements for space and configuration limitations – virtually any size or shape is possible.

EX-RNM/EX-ENM Silencer Sheet 



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